telephone is a device that converts speech in analogue signals that are transmitted over a
to phone line to a receiver. It is one of the useful inventions of all times Telephones are connected through a complex telephone A telephon has three parts a switch, a speaker, and g microphone. The switch connects and disconnects the phone fr the network. Telephones are connected by wires, though modern telephones are increasingly becoming wireless. The speaker converts signals into sounds and the microphone converts sound
into electrical signals.
Charles Bourseul
Charles Bourseul was a French inventor. He is often credited with the invention of an instruments to the for the transmission of human voice. Bourseul was the first pe
present the idea of a telephon in 185
Johann Philipp Reis

was a German scientist. He believed Jshanie light, electricity could be propagate space. He designed the first electric telephone in 1860. He called it das telephone’or the telephon
Earlier telephones.

er Graham Bell, an American, invented first telephone in 1876. In 1875, while the mhsn enting on his harmonic telegraph with his assistant Watson, Bell discovered that sound
could be transmitted over wires. After several the first successful telephone was made. The first words ever communicated over a were: Mr. Watson-come here-I want to
telephon see you.”The first telephone had no switchboards. The first long distance conversation was held by Bell and Watson between the cities of Boston and Cambridge in the year 1876. Alexander Graham Bell established the Bell Telephon Company in 1877. A year later, the first telephon exchange was established in New Haven, Connecticut,
USA. The first long distance connections were made between Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City in 1884. The frst dial phone was introduced in 1896 in Wisconsin
First Telephone services
1878: The first telephon service in Australia started.
1879: The first telephon exchange in UK was opened. It had 10 subseribers
1880 The first telephon exchange in Ireland was opened in Dublin. It had five subscribers
1881: The first telephon exchange in New Zealand was opened in Auckland and Christchurch. The first telephon service in India began from Kolkata
Elisha Gray

Elisha Gray was an American inventor. He also invented a version of the telephon. On the day when Graham Bell filed an application for a patent for his telephon, Elisha Gray also filed a caveat for the same invention. Elisha mentioned that he would complete his invention within three months. But, the patent was granted to Bell as he had filed it a few hours earlier than Elisha.
Edison’s carbon transmitter
In 1877, Edison invented the carbon transmitter, which is used in telephon speakers and microphones The carbon-button transmitter is an important part of the telephone and is found in modern day telephones Cellular communícation Cellular communication is a kind of wireless communication. This system uses many base stations for transferring
telephon calls. The first portable cellular phone, called the Motorola Dyna-Tac, was
invented by Dr Martin Cooper in April 1973 for Motorola.


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