Stories about Pakistani Cricket

Stories about Pakistan cricket

Stories about Pakistani Cricket About the latest stories about Pakistan cricket .Likewise every tour of Pakistan cricket team this tour could not bring a lot of good news for Pakistani fans as far as the scandals are concerned. Stories about Pakistan cricket, with the horrible loss in tests matches against South Africa and now Pakistan cricket team captain sent home because of the “‘racism” allegations.

However with the withdrawal of skipper Sarfraz , who is so far struggling so much with his batting performance.Stories about Pakistani Cricket He is  facing intense criticism, new skipper Shoaib Malik brings a new discussion in Pakistan cricketing circle. Pakistan team cant afford changing captaincy before the World cup.Stories about Pakistani Cricket But its a golden opportunity for Shoaib Malik to prove himself as an excellent all rounder and captain in ODI’s in absence of Sarfraz.

Sarfraz’s absence made way for Shoaib to step in, someone who had been there all along, but so subtly that presence was barely felt. In his very first battle against South Africa, Malik led the men in green to comprehensive victory.

The victory was refreshing and pretty satisfying. But this situation has left many of us confused. Since Pakistan’s victory last night, most of us have been discussing the possibility of Shoaib overthrowing Sarfraz just months before the all-important World Cup 2019.

At this point in time, there is a lot of uncertainty.Stories about Pakistani Cricket The PCB hasn’t said anything about Sarfraz remaining captain in the future and Shoaib hasn’t dropped any hints about his prospects of leading the upcoming World Cup either.The media, however, seems to have already started a campaign against the suspended captain.When media analysts start saying things like ‘today the team looked more energetic and more gelled together’, then you know which side they are on.Support for Sarfraz continues to weaken.

To add more spice to an already cooked up situation, Shoaib’s field placements were far more aggressive than Sarfraz’s. This helped the bowlers return to their natural instincts – taking wickets.In a sudden batting collapse that Pakistanis are far too familiar with, South Africa crumbled like a deck of cards. All this while Shoaib smirked silently at social media pundits massively shifting their opinions.

Why the Pakistan cricket team deserves Mickey Arthur’s wrath

Arthur is well within his domain to criticize senior players who are neither performing nor learning from their mistakes. Pakistan had a golden opportunity, as it sat comfortably at 101 for two in the second innings, to extend the lead well beyond 250 runs and be in a commendable position to win a historic test in South Africa,Stories about Pakistani Cricket but the senior players never stepped up.

But with the emerging scandals of Pakistani Cricket team, someone need to be stepped forward and play vital role in managing.



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