Our Amazing Planet

Our Amazing Planet

Our Amazing Planet There are world records being broken in all manner of topics so, to make it as easy as possible for you to find your way around Awesome Facts, we have split this book into eight different sections. Each category is as exciting and as fascinating as the next, so the only problem you’ll have is deciding where to start.

Our Amazing Planet

The HUMAN BODY section looks at how our bodies work and to what extremes we can go. Along with the tallest, the oldest, and the hairiest, you’ll find out how babies learn, why
our faces are special, and what we do when we get together in large groups. In SPORTS, you’ll be able to look up some of the strangest sporting records – lunar golf, for example, and the most coconuts smashed with punches.You can access any sport you can think of, from base jumping and skateboarding to NBA basketball and soccer.

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY covers the humble beginnings of many things we take for granted – the telephone, the television, the Internet- and brings you up to date on the
biggest, best, and most expensive-to-develop computer games. On a completely different level, the ANIMAL KINGDOM and PLANET EARTH look at the wonders of the natural world
and things that have not changed for thousands of years. The fastest, the oldest, the most dangerous are all here, as are the great volcanoes, rivers, oceans, and trees – and don’t forget the dinosaurs.
The world of celebrities and their achievements can be found in ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT, which also covers record-breaking music, books and movies – the most expensive movies do not necessarily prove to be the most popular. HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT examines what people have accomplished through the ages, from the intrepid explorers and mountaineers to space travel and bridge-building, and from the wildest stunts to the works of the great

Our Amazing Planet
Finally, PEOPLE & PLACES looks at what makes each person around the planet unique, and how the environments we exist in have helped to shape us. Did you know the Japanese have a different counting system from the rest of the world? And that dozens of new words are added to the English.
language every year?


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