Saif ul Malook The Mysterious Lake

Saif ul Malook The Mysterious Lake

Saif ul Malook The Mysterious Lake I hope my blogs will help you a lot if you want to plan the tour of Naran Kaghan and want to sightsee more about these enthralling areas. So, let me tell you about the most prevalent reality-based story regrading this place.

Saif ul Malook Lake

The panaroma of this lake is so beautiful, oh my God, and its bluish green crystal icy water is so eye catching that I wish I must be a mermaid as I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living. This place is so peaceful and if you sit alone and feel it’s every trace then you will feel like you are sinking in its spirits and saying take me anywhere you want. Although I have visited this lake just once or two but the time I have spent there is unforgettable. This lake is also famous as lake of fairies in all over the world.

The history of this secretive lake is about the story of a prince of Egypt, Saiful Malook who fell in love with the princess, Badi ul Jamal. Badi ul Jamal was a queen of all the fairies. Once prince Saif saw a dream of this fairy walking around this lake and fell in love with her enchanting beauty having long beautiful reddish eyes. Next morning, he conversed his dream with his father, who was the King of Egypt. He said to Saif, how it is possible to perceive a fairy from human eye because a human eye can never see a demon or fairy as they are “Born Faire”. Prince’s inquisitiveness rose and demanded the permission from his father to visit this lake rather he would be able to see the fairy queen or not.

Saif ul Malook

After permission had been granted to the prince, prince left his home in search of this lake, one year has passed but he could not find the way to this lake. It was the 14th night of that month when prince had a prophecy to go to the passing lake of Malika Purbat, where he will surely see the fairy. Malika Purbat is covered with snow and clouds the whole year and till no one be able to cross Malika Purbat like adventures club groups, geographic experts etc. since these mountains are encircled with Jins, Giants and Demons and whoever wants to across these hills, these demons pushed them and consequences the forfeiture their exitances. No one could escape from these tops and government has put 20 lacs as a prize for those who would be succeed in crossing Malika Parbat.

While Saif ul Malook was penetrating for this lake, he came across the Sufi sire in the streets of Egypt who was sitting on his Mazar. He asked the prince “why are you wandering in these desolate forests?”. Prince told the Sufi whole story and about his research then Sufi gave him a Sulemani cap, telling him that it will take the prince to his desired place. Sulemani cap was a magical cap make him disappear from a human eye. After wearing that cap, he was accompanied by the Jins. These Jins ascorted the prince to this lake.

When prince got there, he instantly recognized the lake which he saw in his dream. Prince asked the Jins “how he can find the fairy queen?”. Jin ordered him to start a Chilla (pray for 40 consecutive days). Day by day his health gets wickedest, but he didn’t give up and continuously pleaded. Saif ul Malook The Mysterious Lake After completing Chilla of 40 consecutive days without food and rest he became fatigued and weak. It was the 14th night of that month and he thought, “Maybe tonight I’ll see her.” Then suddenly he saw the fairy queen coming along with her maids towards the lake for bath from Kohe Kahaf.

Kohe Kahaf is the fairyland located in Russia. When prince saw the queen bathing with his maids he asked from his body guarded Jins “How I can access to this fairy as I’m a human being and she will get disappear as soon she have a look on me?”. While she was bathing with her maids and friends, Jins hide her wings and take the prince in front of her.Saif ul Malook The Mysterious Lake Badi ul Jamal requested the prince to return her wings for today as she is in the trap of white giant in Kohe Kahaf since past 10 years just because that big giant was also in love with this beautiful fairy and promised him that she will go with him next time. If white giant saw them together here, he will kill them both, she pleaded.

The Mysterious Lake

Prince denied the fairy request as he had been in search of her since past six years and took her towards the Naran valley. At that time, there was no population in Naran, it was a deserted area. On the other side, when queen’s fairy reached to Kohe Kahaf and tell the white gaint that queen was being missed while we were bathing on the lake and no one knows why she drowned in the lake. The maids hide the effect of missing queen’s wings from white giant. White giant came to know of this he created turbulences out of anger in this lake, when he reached the lake and find nothing then he destroyed the one mountain surrounded by this lake thinking if he would be demolished one of them, all the water will draft away and found the hidden fairy which fallouts in form of flood in Naran Valley.

When prince and fairy saw the flood coming towards them, they prayed to Allah almighty for the help. As they were pure souls, their request was accepted by the great Lord, HE made a cave with the hole in which both get refuge. This cave is still there above cemetery of the local area of Naran. People specially visit this cave whenever they go for Saiful Malook. The weird thing about this cave is that nothing (candles, burners) can be enlighten under this cave and cool breeze blows 24 hours whole year.

Saif ul Malook The Mysterious Lake

The Sufi sire prayed to ALLAH that white gaint turn into stone for queen and king safety. As Sufi was the descant soul, ALLAH almighty accepted his appeal and he is still stoned in Naran next to their cave.  According to the classic tale, the prince and the fairy queen still alive in that cave and dance above the water surface on the 14th night of every lunar month.


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