Saif ul Malook and its Glaciers Pakistan

Saif ul Malook and its Glaciers

Saif ul Malook and its Glaciers There are too many places of Kaghan Naran worth watching and it feels like heaven is in under our feet as well as over our heads. Nature is something that holds the keys to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction. The places like these are actual heaven and source of happiness for the peace lovers. The people who like to spend some time alone, who want to feel every spirit of nature, who want to be lost in the beauty and creation of Allah Almighty, the people who have extreme hunger of traveling and sightseeing the world should surely visit all these places. The best perspective is that more you see the nature closely the more your faith upsurge, more you move forward to your Lord and the ability to obligation and admiration enhances.

Another piece of remarkable delicacy of nature having greenish-bluish clear and freezing water is Saif ul Malook and its glaciers which is located at the peak of Naran at the distance of 9-kilometer North. Saful Muluk is molded by glacial moraines that overcome the water of the stream passing over the lake. As the whole lake is surrounded by glaciers so it reflects the most fascinating eyeshot. In winters, the lake is completely frozen in winters so ideal time for tourists is in between June and September. At declining temperatures, because of bowl shaped lake the melted glaciers water collected into the lake.

Saif ul Malook and its Glaciers

People feel incomplete their tour to Naran Kaghan if they don’t visit this lake. This lake and its glaciers are the top 5 most visited places in Pakistan. The most popular dish of Naran contains a rare brown trout fish mostly found at this lake. Moreover, the boating conveniences are also obtainable for adventure euthenists. The depth of this lake is still unidentified and no rescue equipments are available so, you should take precautionary measures before boating or going near the lake. If you are lazy person like me and don’t want to walk for so long, then don’t be worry! Ponies and horses are also available to make your trip easy and pleasurable.

There are also many hotels and farm houses in Naran near Saiful Muluk if you want to spend more time adjacent this lake. The attractiveness of Glaciers is just like inner beauty which will live forever like the scent of roses. The entire distance to reach Saif ul Malook is full of natural beauty that captivates the attention of the viewer and is usually recommended to give a walk. The jeeps are easily accessible in the bazaars and the destination is around 9 kilometers away.

Saif ul Malook Glaciers in pakistan

A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles. So, wherever you go becomes a part of it. People go under the deep caves of the glaciers and relish themselves with this gorgeousness of snow highlands. People also take selfies, make videos and play with snow balls with their friends. Just because glaciers are snow crags so there are also many incidents happen.

Saif ul Malook and its Glaciers

The severe incidents happen there in summers when snow starts melting, I was in my school ages when I visit this place with my family and I still remembered that incident very clearly. It was the month of July, at morning we get up early, so we can absorb every glimpse of nature and make our day unforgettable. We take a jeep accompanied by hotel management because no personal convince and novice driver is allowed to drive on that precipitous, narrow and twisted paths.

It was the drive of just 45 minutes from our residence, the whole track was enclosed by glaciers and since snow was melting the wind was cold more than the freezing point, but everyone was covered with warm clothes, so everyone was enjoying the scenes very well. We stop at one glacier foothill where a lot of people were assembled and adoring themselves with its remarkable meteorological conditions and taking pictures with their loved ones. There are also some people who was also going under the deep caves of these glaciers to take a full view although it is not being allowed because these foothills can befall anytime.

journey at Saif ul Malook and its Glaciers Saif ul Malook and its Glaciers  As the breeze was too cold so we just stopby five minutes and decided to move towards the lake. As we turned our backs towards our jeep, a atrocious sound of deterioration of ice was spread among the people and every one start screaming to rescue their friends and loved ones and unexpectedly the whole captivating scene was converted into grief, no one knows who survived or not. I do believe its the time for adventure but also take precautionary measures to avoid such incidents.  Soon I’ll upload the stealthiest story about this lake, maximum listened and recorded and most flattering story. Till then stay blessed and be marry!


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