Naran Kaghan Famous Hiking Points

Naran Kaghan Famous Hiking Points

Malika Parbat, a lot of reasons to visit this place, a perfect place for complete relaxation. An ideal setting for active hunts. We lost ourselves in the things we love, and we lost ourselves here. Parbat hills have such magnetism that makes you lunatic and you turn out to be the fragment of its spirits.

It is the uppermost top of Kaghan Naran about six kilometer south near Saiful Malook. I have already defined the appealing summits of Saiful Malook in my preceding blogs. The best place for camping, hiking and spending the most beautiful nights with your friends at the top hills where you can feel the silence of nature too deeply that it environs you so intensely and you can feel every strain of landscape and its originality. The life expectancy of born travelers and adventures starts where their comfort zone ends, and these hills are one of the best sightseer for them.

The mountains of Malika Parbat are clearly visible from Saiful Malook having a drive of just 6 kilometers and accessible through Siri Paye also. The peaks of these mountains are always covered with snow and that’s why named as Malika Parbat Glaciers. This place is so famed for mountaineering and scale the queens of mountain. There are many tour agencies like who are offering you the complete climbing expedition in 12 to 15 days in most reasonable packages with protection and security. On the other hand, this mountain is also considered non-climbable among the native inhabitants due to abruptness and other mountain as well as supernatural hazards.

Naran Kaghan Famous Hiking Points

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never disappoint you!

The next nearest place to Malika Parbat is Ansoo Lake at the journey of 5 kilometer away because all the routes are being covered with mountain climbing. Ansoo Lake is located at an altitude of 13,927 feet (4245 meters) above sea level and considered among one of the highest lakes of Himalayas. Just because this lake is shaped in form of tear, so it is named as “Ansoo Jheel”. This is the heart throbbing place and reaching here after the difficult and dangerous drives of the precipitous and turnover roads of Malika Parbat, you must be fortunate enough for keen-sighted the scenery of this lake because most of the time this lake’s view is not on viewable due to mist and rain. So, the finest time to take advantage of this prepossessing lake is from July to August because except these months, the entire lake is covered with snow and in winters the climate of this lake grasp to its extreme low levels and all the routes to access this lake are closed.

Naran Kaghan Famous Hiking Points

Just a little bit more traveling will take you the bank of this lake where you can have a closer look of Ansoo. Snow melts in July and August and water fall into this lake from its surrounding glaciers so it is considered the best time to perceive this spectacular view.

If you are brave enough to have such a hiking escapade in your lifespan, then in the supervision of connoisseurs you can escort there because there are no jeeps available. There are two routes of approaching here, one from Saiful Malook and other one from Mahandri Village. Although the path from Saiful Malook to reach here is shorter but more sheer and treacherous so it is suggested to take a stay of one night or day at Saiful Malook and then move forward to avoid any impairment or menace to your precious lives.

Naran Kaghan Famous Hiking Points

Traveling is something so fanaticizing that even just for some moments we desire to outflow from the reality and lost in this fantasy land. Voyagers says that we don’t travel to escape life but for life not to escape us. Sometimes the divisions of this wildlife are so appealing that we lost ourselves into it and says wherever you lead, I’ll follow! I personally think if something scares you, give it a try because in the end you will regret for not taking a chance. Do whatever you want but don’t have regrets in your life because regret is something that can’t be endured. You don’t need a magic to vanish, all you need is a destination!

Dana Meadows is another tourist attraction point specially for hikers because it is located at an altitude of 10,000 feet with a view of several snows covered peaks over 15,000 feet.  Complex than Ansoo Lake, you should not plan a trip here without any guide and base camp administration. Not reachable by jeep because the whole trek was destroyed by the earth quake in 2005. You can hire horses but if have a weak heart and scare from height then its better to go there by a walk. You will experience hail storms, winds and crazy climates here. Its not suitable to plan a tour to Dana Meadows with family!

You can also book a little cottage at Dana from pine park hotel from Khanian Pine Park. The path is too steep, you can’t come back here in one day. So, do camping at night on Dana Peaks and astonish yourselves with the worth watching views by His Majesty. Have some food stuff, warm clothes and take other required things with you like first aid box etc. because there are no life recourses available there. Some beautiful paths cannot be discovered without getting lost in it so, if you really want to enjoy your camping, then go there in summers and make a stay for 1 or 2 nights on these points and be in love with these areas and the people you have never met before. Wanna now more about hiking point of Naran Kaghan? Then don’t be worry! I’ll provide the complete details of Noori Top in my next blog which is another master piece of my ALLAH Almighty. Till then, stay tuned with us and be marry!


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