Are you planning tour to Naran Kaghan? Wants some guide?

Are you planning tour to Naran Kaghan? Wants some guide?

Naran is basically in Mansehra District of KPK province of Pakistan. As it is in Northen areas of Pakistan, so climate is extremely low in winters which attracts the tourists to enjoy rain falls, snow falls and other beautiful sceneries of nature. Even in summers, when sun is on its peak and burning the people, then people love to move to these areas in vacations to enjoy and relax for some duration.

Naran is a small town situated on upper side of the Mansehra, away from 119km from Mansehra city. Naran is one of the most pleasing area of Pakistan which grabs the attention of tourists, photographers, travelers and peace lovers. Naran contains the heart throbbing destinations like Kiwai, Sawat velly, Shugran, Saif ul Malook, Siripaye, Malika Parbat etc.

There is no reason to deny the beauty of nature that Kaghan Naran contains so, if you are planning the tour to this captivating place then I will tell you all the details regarding this area and enchanting stories related to these places that will eventually grab the attraction of tourists and surely help to know more about these places.

Let’s firstly we talk about the Kiwai Valley which is located on the way of Kaghan Valley. It is a small village and the most popular thing about Kiwai are the waterfalls that grants the amazingly beautiful scene for our eyes. The most fetching about these waterfalls is that they never stop the whole year. Kiwai is basically in the way going through for Shogran.

Are you planning tour to Naran Kaghan? Wants some guide?

There are small stalls and dhabbas that contains tea, qahwa and other eatables specialty of these areas. While going for Shogran people stop on these waterfalls and enjoy the beauty of this small valley. Reading about waterfalls is fine but if your feets are dipped in it and listen carefully every water drop then you will eventually can say that nothing can be more beautiful than ALLAH’s creation.

Are you planning tour to Naran Kaghan? Wants some guide?

The second most visited place in Naran is Shogran. It is on the peak in Northern areas so fortunate season to visit Shogran is summers. In winters, due to extreme low weather all these areas are mostly closed. But the scenes are so beautiful that you will simply find yourself in another world as soon as you will get into this enchanting and vibrant hideout that features bountiful thrills and fabulous treks to the visitors.

There is a lot to explore about this beautiful heaven of Pakistan and word would not be enough to express the real beauty of this marvel of nature. As it is the one of the most visited areas, so hotels are also available on affordable costs like Alpine Guest House, Al Faisal hotel and Green Land Motel. Resorts like Cedar Wood Resort and Arcadian Sprucewoods Luxury Woods Resort are also available if you want to enjoy VIP tour.

By taking a jeep or horse you can easily escort to Siri Paye and Makra Peak. If you wanna make your tour more exciting and memorable then you can also reach to Siri Paye by hiking and can enjoy the heights, nature and your tour with loved ones very well.  Siri Paye is high mountain lake at an elevation of 3.058m (10,032ft) above the sea level. It will take only 43km to reach from the Shogran. The roads are too deep, steep, narrow and twisted and novice drivers are not allowed to drive in these areas. Siri Paye claims scenic green mountains and snowcapped peaks, with a peaceful environment and natural beauty that is soul-soothing. No one can visit here in heavy rain falls and in extreme weathers due to unexpected thunder stroms and snow falls. July, August is the best season to plan a tour for Shogran. The warm clothes are recommended due to low temperature in night.

The flora and fauna of the Siri Paye meadows is very diverse and there are various phases throughout the year when many migrating animals and birds also appear there.

The main mammals that are found in the location of the meadows are the marmots, other small rodents and numerous verities of barren sheep, although, many of the wild sheep have since been trained. There have been various findings of leopards, but these have not been recurring and it is thought that human expansion has driven away the leopards from the area.

The birds in the area are the various birds of prey such as hawks, ospreys, eagles and vultures. The small birds such as snow pigeons and blue jays wood cocks are also seen. There are also various verities of migrating birds that come to nest during the summer months.

Whenever I read or visit the hilly areas I feel the essence of all beautiful art, the great art that is gratitude. Let’s talk about Makra Peak, by taking a ride of four hours from Siri Paye. Hiking for Siri Paye is quite interesting but just because Makra is on the very top, so hiking is quite difficult due to snow and slopes of the mountain inclines.  The magnificence and charisma of this place will remain implanted in your memory for so long. In spring   mountains are fully covered with beautiful flowers and in winters mountaintops becomes like white pasture of snow. People when comes with their friends often camping there, do the born fire and lost in the nature   and colors of its spirits.

Are you planning tour to Naran Kaghan? Wants some guide?

There is another interesting thing about Makra is that Siri Paye is located exactly at the center of Makra created by its peak mountains. Another astounding thing about Makra Peak is that from its one side you can adore all the marvelous views of Kaghan Naran valley and form its other side you are being hypnotized with the exquisiteness of Kashmir.


In next blog I’ll take you to another mysterious lake of fairies, the most visited place of Pakistan “Saif-ul-Malook” where I share my own experience with this enigmatic place. Till then stay blessed!



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