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Stories about Pakistani Cricket

Stories about Pakistan cricket Stories about Pakistani Cricket About the latest stories about Pakistan cricket .Likewise every tour of Pakistan cricket team this tour could...

A paradise on earth | Kashmir Pakistan

A paradise on earth Kashmir Pakistan Nature has endowed Kashmir with stunning beauty is called as paradise on earth. Kashmir  has stunning chinaar trees. There...

دل کا دورہ پڑنے سے سری دیوی انتقال کر گئیں

انڈین اداکارہ سری دیوی کی موت پر سوشل میڈیا میں دکھ، افسوس اور غم کا ماحول چھایا ہوا ہے۔ اس حوالے سے سوشل میڈیا...

Fountain pen are writing instrument Invention

Fountain Pen Fountain pens are writing instruments. These pens have a little ink tank, which supplies ink to the writing tip. They come in a variety...

phonograph is an instrument Invetions & Discoveries

Phonograph phonograph is an instrument that plays recorded sound. The sound Phonograph was recorded on a grooved disc called a phonograph record. The phonograph was...