Wild Animals In Pakistan

Because Pakistan is a huge country that is well endowed with different geographical and climatic conditions.

Therefore There are hundreds of different species of Animals found in Pakistan.

Here is the list of 10 Amazing Wild Animals Found in Pakistan.

Fishing cat It resides close to rivers, lakes, and streams. The last sighting of this amazing cat was in Sindh.

Aisatic Black Bear  Pakistan have the estimates population of this wild bear is somewhere around 1,000 animals.

Grey wolf The hills of Tharparkar, Cholistan and in Baluchistan have Grey wolf.

Sind krait Pakistan also have a highly venomous snake. The snake is often confused with the common krait.

Indus River Dolphin There are five different areas in the Indus river where this dolphin is found.

 Himalaya Mountain Bear As the name of the animal suggests, it is found in and around the Himalaya Mountain Range.

Mugger Crocodile Also known as Indus crocodile and has a medium size. it can reach lengths up to 16 feet.

Asiatic Cobra  the most venomous species of cobra. This dangerous snake is found in the northern half of Pakistan.

Alpine Markhors This beautiful wild goat is found in the northern mountain ranges of Pakistan. Also called the national animal.

Snow Leopard This is an extremely rare animal that is found in the mountain ranges of South and Central Asia.

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