Social Media Control Minds

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Social Media Control Minds

Social Media Control Minds Because  pretty much a global business that thrives off of our personal information.

Therefore Former employees of big social media companies are slowly but surely beginning to admit that different strategies.

Red pretty much means “danger”, no matter what language you speak. Back when Facebook notifications were blue.

Social media websites trick you into feeling safe. They look professional, they seem to be very secure. tons of people use them.

Facebook notifications were blue, no one bothered to pay attention to them.

Today, we hardly miss a message because of that stupid red number.

and you might even think that Mark Zuckerberg cares about you. But try saying “no” to Facebook.

It’s either “yes I’ll do what you say” or “I might do it later”. There’s never a “no” option.

If you want to see some of the tricks social media uses to keep you focused, allow me to show you.

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