Current situation of kashmir Pakistan AJK

Current Situation of Kashmir

Kashmir is a paradise on earth.Kashmir has two parts.Which are Jammu and Azaad  Kashmir. Azad Kashmir is the part of Pakistan. In 1947 the majority population of Kashmir  was Muslim. They became the part of Pakistan. But the raja of kashmir decided to join the  India. The Kashmiri Muslims today suffer the brutality of Hindus, due to wrong decision of  Raja.
The Brutality of Hindus
After the creation of Pakistan, the Hindus deployed their army on Kashmir And the Hindus started oppressing the Muslim population.Due to this situation of Kashmir, the Quaid-e- Azam Muhammad Ali jinnah have liberated some part of Kashmir. This part of Kasmir liberated due to tribal Muslims. Which is called azaad Kashmir. The brutality of Hindus in Kashmir continue today. Today also Kashmiri are fighting for independence.                                                                                                Current condition of Kashmir

According to current condition of Kashmir,India controls the half part of Kashmir. Which is  called jammu Kashmir. Now a days, the Indian Army imposed the curfew on kashmir. Kashmiri Muslims are in curfew last two complex month. From last two month, the Muslims are facing the crulety of Indian Army.

From last two month,the Muslim women,the children and the old and young people are imprisoned by the indian army. There is no one to listen to the voice of the prisoners taken there. Everyday the women of Muslims become targets of excesses the indian Army. Innocent kashmiri children are martyred every day.
Problems which are facing
Kashmiri are in curfew from two months. Due to this condition, they have not anything for eat and drink.They will be banded in their homes. They have not available anything for life.                                                                                                                                                        Curfew in Kashmir
On 15 july,curfews were implemented in all areas of Kashmir and the mobile phones network was suspended. After the lifting of curfew, protest broke out in many areas. Tens of thousands of police and soldiers have fanned out across kashmir to imposed curfew. The authorities suspended all telephone and internet service as part of the massive the security lock down.
India propaganda

India is promoting Kashmir as a tourist destination. This is straight up propaganda, Meant to convince india critics life has returned to normal in the valley.It is open for business. Kashmir is in 63rd consecutive day of a brutal millitary curfew. India is doing all propoganda to the help of Israel.

Muslim countries say about Kashmir issue?
The Pakistani Government wants to solve the problem of Kashmir. Pakistan is with kashmir because Kashmir is the water source of Pakistan. Imran khan said his speech in UNO that india should now resolve the issue of Kashmir by table talk or war. If india want war then we are ready. Pakistan is the only Muslim country which support the Kashmiri Muslims. Turkish Government also support the Kashmiri Muslims. The china Government also support the Kashmiri Muslims. But UNO does not want to solve the Kashmir issue. The Israel occupation of Palestine. This is how they want to occupy Kashmir.                                                                                                          Muslim countries unity

All Muslim countries should together with each other for resolve the problem of Kashmir. Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W) said that the murder of a Muslim is the murder of all humanity. Everywhere Muslims are dying. All Muslim need unity in the upheaval so that they can unite against Israel.


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